Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Utah Ices Fall Dinner - September 20, 2016

We had a fabulous night learning about how to price our cakes with Ameila Carbine.  We enjoyed great food, friends, and fabulous cake lace gifts from Jan Grisham of  Sign up to be on their mailing list. ICES Spring dinner will be Tues, March 21, 2017. Join our UT ICES Facebook Group page to stay in touch with our upcoming events and share ideas with other cake artists.  UT Ices Facebook Group Page  To become a member of the International Cake Exploration Societe', visit this page ICES Membership

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September ICES meeting!!

At our September meeting, we had two demos. The first was Lily's Colour Washed Cake Coverings and the second was my simple and easy fondant draping.

You have to check out this AMAZING technique that our wonderful Lily showed at the last ICES Utah Chapter meeting. She calls is "Colour Washed Cake Coverings." As we saw her work, it was really incredible to see it all come together.

You can see here that you start with a long thin piece of fondant and add another color fondant in a tube.

Here are some other examples she brought to pass around as she worked.

She's painted the white logs black with edible food coloring.

Now fold it over.

Roll it all together.

Now she painted the whole thing black and let that color dry.
 After it's dried, slice it into thin little discs and place over the top of a larger piece of fondant.

 Add more discs around each other until you've covered almost all of the fondant.

This is all that was left of the little guy:

Now roll the whole thing out with a rolling pin until it's a good thickness for covering a cake.

Check out how Lily's shirt matched her design!! I thought that was so awesome!

Now Lily covered the cake with the whole sheet of colour washed fondant.

Cut off of the excess fondant...

And wow... check out this AMAZING pattern she created!

Here's are lovely group getting ready demo #2.

Next up is my demo on simple and easy fondant drapings.
 Roll out a long line of fondant (marshmallow fondant in this case but it'll work for all fondants). Notice the 3 straws here in front of the fondant.

Lay the fondant over the 3 straws (you can use more straws depending on how many pleats you want in your swag)

Use your fingers to indent the fondant between the straws and create grooves. Notice here that the edges have been cut off so that the rectangle shape we started with is now pointed at each end.
We didn't get  a shot of the final piece during the demo but you can see here what the drapings look like on a cake.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks Everyone!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Utah ICES May Meeting!!

 Thank you to everyone who came to our last ICES meeting! It was a great turn out with two fantastic demos to boot! First up, we had Judy Dahlquist showing us how to use the Viva paper towel smoothing method for buttercream. She frosted a cake first with some shortening based buttercream and then simply used her hand to smooth the buttercream with the paper towel.

 She continued smoothing the top and sides until she got all of the wrinkles out.

 This was the result! Isn't it fantastic! Beautifully smooth buttercream in just a few minutes! Watch out, Walmart... those Viva paper towels will be flying off the shelf after this meeting!
 Next up we have Sally Whitaker showing us how to do a variety of fondant bows. First, she rolled out the fondant into a long strip (around 11 to 12 inches). She cut the sides so that they were straight.
 She folded the sides toward the middle and then pinched the center together like so:
 With about a 2inch square piece, she pinched both of the sides using her thumb and forefinger to create a bubbling center piece. She wrapped it around the center and glued it with just a dab of water.
 Here are the ones she made before the meeting. So cute and so easy!
The next bow was called a graphic bow and so Sally cut the piece using a stencil she found online. 
Here is the outcome! Perfect petite bow! :)
The last little trick Sally showed us blew our minds!! She broke out this adorable new Martha Stewart silicone mold and simply pushed in the fondant, popped it out and created the world's most adorable tiny bow.
Here it is... awww... .isn't it adorable! 

Thank you again to our wonderful presenters and to our attendees for making this such a great meeting! See you all next month on June 18th at 7pm at Bakers C&C, 40 Vine Street in Murray. A big thank you to Steve for letting us use your great space to hold our meetings!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Jennifer Hill (your Utah ICES Treasurer) at Thank you ladies & gents!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

ICES Utah Chapter Day of Sharing!!

Last week, on March 9th, 2013, we had a wonderful Day of Sharing at Baker's C & C! We had a great turn out and saw some amazing demos! Here's just a taste of what we did that day. 

Our state representative, Lily Mathews, of Cakes by Lily started us off with a great demo on the uses of gelatin. 
She blew up some small water balloons (many of which did not want to cooperate and blew up! Yikes!) and then coated them in gelatin mixed with a luster shine. After showing us how to make these gelatin bubbles, she showed us how to use gelatin to make beautiful and delicate gelatin leaves and butterflies. 
Next up, we have Kathy Graham of Ascot Royale Chocolate Company showing us some great chocolate dipping techniques. As you can see, she brought a lot of goodies to show and even brought some delicious goodies for us to eat. YUM!
Here's a shot of everyone listening intently to Kathy as she shows us how to heat chocolate in the microwave and keep it warm so that you can dip all sorts of goodies such as cookies (as seen in the pictures below) and Kathy's speciality, TOFFEE! YUM!

At this Day of Sharing, we were so happy that Robin & Ashley of Carsey Cakes volunteered to not only do a demo but also hands on instruction as well! You can see from these pictures that there was a lot going on! The ladies covered advanced cake techniques like isomalt and sugar work in addition to fondant decorations. Great job, ladies!

 Last up, we had Maureen do a demo on cake construction. You can see here that she prepared an actual 3-tiered cake! Now that's dedication! Thank you, Maureen!

At this Day of Sharing, we wanted to display some of the work of our members. Lily provided a beautiful blue cake with a swan and gelatin butterfly. Doree Tateoka of Ladybug Cakes brought this adorable display of little puppies. So cute! Next, Laurlee Morrison of Cakes de Fleur brought two gold-themed cakes to the table. The first is all buttercream with edible gold flakes and the second is gold with royal icing lace on the top and bottom tiers with 2 beautiful sugar flowers in the middle tier. Robin & Ashley of Carsey Cakes brought this whimsical pixie fairy and mushroom cake with all edible decorations. Jennifer Hill (me :) of Salt Cake City brought a princess themed cake which isn't pictured here.

Not only can you learn great thing from our Day of Sharing but you get free things as well! Here's a shot of all the goodies we had for giveaways. Cutters, cups, carrying case, magazines, books, and sugar sheets are just some of the great gifts we had for our attendees.
 Aislinn Barnes of Ozzies Cakes Design even won a year's subscription to the ICES magazine and newsletter. Congratulations!!

 At this year's meeting, we also did a potluck so that not only could our members show off our caking skills but also our cooking skills! Check out these amazing (and delicious) petit fours created by our very own Lily Mathews! BEAUTIFUL works of art :)
I want to say a very special thank you to all of our members who helped make our Day of Sharing a success through bringing food, spreading the word and sharing your talents. Thank you so much also to our newbies who came to learn from our Day of Sharing! These events are all about you :) I can't wait to see you all at the next Day of Sharing to make it a success as well. Until then, feel free to email me (Jennifer Hill, for more information on our monthly meetings where we share more trade secrets through demos and just talking cake! Our next meeting is April 16th at 7pm at Bakers C&C. We hope to see you there!