Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September ICES meeting!!

At our September meeting, we had two demos. The first was Lily's Colour Washed Cake Coverings and the second was my simple and easy fondant draping.

You have to check out this AMAZING technique that our wonderful Lily showed at the last ICES Utah Chapter meeting. She calls is "Colour Washed Cake Coverings." As we saw her work, it was really incredible to see it all come together.

You can see here that you start with a long thin piece of fondant and add another color fondant in a tube.

Here are some other examples she brought to pass around as she worked.

She's painted the white logs black with edible food coloring.

Now fold it over.

Roll it all together.

Now she painted the whole thing black and let that color dry.
 After it's dried, slice it into thin little discs and place over the top of a larger piece of fondant.

 Add more discs around each other until you've covered almost all of the fondant.

This is all that was left of the little guy:

Now roll the whole thing out with a rolling pin until it's a good thickness for covering a cake.

Check out how Lily's shirt matched her design!! I thought that was so awesome!

Now Lily covered the cake with the whole sheet of colour washed fondant.

Cut off of the excess fondant...

And wow... check out this AMAZING pattern she created!

Here's are lovely group getting ready demo #2.

Next up is my demo on simple and easy fondant drapings.
 Roll out a long line of fondant (marshmallow fondant in this case but it'll work for all fondants). Notice the 3 straws here in front of the fondant.

Lay the fondant over the 3 straws (you can use more straws depending on how many pleats you want in your swag)

Use your fingers to indent the fondant between the straws and create grooves. Notice here that the edges have been cut off so that the rectangle shape we started with is now pointed at each end.
We didn't get  a shot of the final piece during the demo but you can see here what the drapings look like on a cake.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at SaltCakeCity@gmail.com. Thanks Everyone!!

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