Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Utah ICES May Meeting!!

 Thank you to everyone who came to our last ICES meeting! It was a great turn out with two fantastic demos to boot! First up, we had Judy Dahlquist showing us how to use the Viva paper towel smoothing method for buttercream. She frosted a cake first with some shortening based buttercream and then simply used her hand to smooth the buttercream with the paper towel.

 She continued smoothing the top and sides until she got all of the wrinkles out.

 This was the result! Isn't it fantastic! Beautifully smooth buttercream in just a few minutes! Watch out, Walmart... those Viva paper towels will be flying off the shelf after this meeting!
 Next up we have Sally Whitaker showing us how to do a variety of fondant bows. First, she rolled out the fondant into a long strip (around 11 to 12 inches). She cut the sides so that they were straight.
 She folded the sides toward the middle and then pinched the center together like so:
 With about a 2inch square piece, she pinched both of the sides using her thumb and forefinger to create a bubbling center piece. She wrapped it around the center and glued it with just a dab of water.
 Here are the ones she made before the meeting. So cute and so easy!
The next bow was called a graphic bow and so Sally cut the piece using a stencil she found online. 
Here is the outcome! Perfect petite bow! :)
The last little trick Sally showed us blew our minds!! She broke out this adorable new Martha Stewart silicone mold and simply pushed in the fondant, popped it out and created the world's most adorable tiny bow.
Here it is... awww... .isn't it adorable! 

Thank you again to our wonderful presenters and to our attendees for making this such a great meeting! See you all next month on June 18th at 7pm at Bakers C&C, 40 Vine Street in Murray. A big thank you to Steve for letting us use your great space to hold our meetings!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Jennifer Hill (your Utah ICES Treasurer) at Thank you ladies & gents!

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