Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All I want for Christmas is....

All I want for Christmas is .... not my 2 front teeth but rather these amazing cake & pastry creations from our Utah ICES members! I know we're not even in December but you have to tell Santa what you want early, otherwise, he'll run out! Well Santa, here's what I want. Check out this AMAZING all edible candy box by Ann Martin. Not only is the chocolate edible on the inside but the box itself is edible too! Yum! Amazing piping skills, as always, Ann!
Or how about this beautiful present. I like to think this gift under the Christmas tree is actually healthy since it has fresh fruit on it. That's how that works, right? Who wouldn't want to cut into this! Actually, who needs a knife when you could just pick off the pieces you want to eat. I'll start with a kit-kat... then another kit-kat. Then one more kit-kat. Haha. Great job, Alessandra! Another completely edible (and delicious) gift!
 This amazing cake here was made by Fabbylicious owner and Utah ICES secretary, Fabby! ( The rich red colors and sparkly gems makes me want to first display this cake on my Christmas dinner table but secondly, rip this gift open and eat the yummy insides as well! This cake, while probably a wedding cake, would be a beautiful centerpiece at the table this year. Stunning job, Fabby!
Now, Santa, I'm sure you won't have the time to make Fabby's amazing cake above so how about I leave you some chocolate chip cookies and you leave me some of Lily's scrumptious macarons! (Lily is our State Rep, and an awesome State Rep at that! Holy smokes these look amazing. Again, because these are lemony, doesn't that count as a fruit? I'm guessing they'll be delicious with a cup of coffee in the morning, or a quick snack at lunch... or maybe an after dinner dessert (so basically they'd be yummy any time of day!). These are picture perfect but I bet they taste even better than they look. I can't wait to taste, Lily!
 Lastly, if you haven't decorated your Christmas tree yet, how about having these all edible Christmas ornament cake truffles. I made these a few years ago for some gifts for my neighbors. (Oh, Hi! I'm Jennifer, your Utah ICES Treasurer, These were a labor of love... but mostly just a labor! They were giant cake truffles covered in all buttercream. Some had marshmallow fondant accents (like the snowflakes and bow). It's amazing what edible pearl shimmer can do for these little guys!

Regardless of what Santa brings you this Christmas, I hope you have a truly sweet and yummy holiday season! I'm sure I'll post more Christmas-y themed cakes so feel free to email me any you'd like to share at! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Kwanzaa to you all!


  1. I will try & bring some to our next meeting, which will be the 3rd Tuesday in Jan, 2013.
    Jennifer thanks for your sweet & kind words. I really appreciate all the members & their support, because without you, I am not able to do it on my own...Thank you Jennifer & all the rest of the ladies & men out there. Have a Merry Christmas & a very Happy & prosperous New Year !!!!!!!!

  2. Btw, Jennifer, you are doing an awesome job of managing the blog....I have no idea how, but I'll learn soon... Thank you Jennifer, you're awesome!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness!Jennifer I'm in love with your Christmas truffles! They looks so good that I could hag them from my Christmas tree, but what is better is that they can be eaten.
    You did a great job on the blog. We are so lucky and happy to have you in our group!
    And Lily, I want to make macarons with you.

    1. I meant to say: They look so good! and hang them.

  4. WOW, all these projects are amazing and they look so delicious!I am so lucky to be in the middle of such amazing talents like you guys. Thanks for sharing Jennifer. Wonderful job on the blog btw. I can't wait until our next meeting to try some macarons from Lily, haha.