Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cake Decorating Can Be Dangerous

Lorene Butler sent me this funny story a couple months ago and I thought it would be fun to share with everyone.  Hope you all can feel her "pain" and be happy everything turned out well for the lucky couple.

Thanks for the fun story Lorene.

 When you think of cake ,it is usually associated with candles, singing, cutting, feeding to each other, laughter and happy.  Today cake means pain, bruises and "that was fun.  NOT!!!!"
        Shannon McCleve, my sister Jill's last daughter, asked me to do her wedding cake Friday Aug. 6, 2010.  She found what she wanted and I proceeded to carry out her wishes the best I could.  Friday was the third wedding cake since July 31st that I had done and it had been going well.  But Friday also was more nerve wracking and unsettling than previous cake days.  That always makes me nervous.                         
     Delivery of the cake was later than planned so speed and accuracy was needed.  The venue was large with a pool house.  A perfect place to finish the cake and set it out on the table but NOOOOO , someone commandeered the cake to its resting place and I followed.  After placing the tiers on top of each other, I went back into the pool house.  I had decoration to add.  I had to Hurry.   Can you see where this is going?  Yeah, disaster.  I tripped over a sliding door track,fell into a chair hitting my chest on a chair arm, my knee on the tile floor, scraping one arm and hurting my hand.  Did I have time to check and see how I was?  NO WAY, I had a cake to do.  Grab the extras, tell everyone I'm fine, head back to cake and pick up my feet.
    The cake was finished on adrenalin and as I finished I took stock of my injuries.   Middle finger is a beautiful deep purple, swelling rapidly, heel of hand brusied.  "Ice pack please"  Stand in pain as shoulder out of socket is put back in place by brother Kyle.  Muscles screaming as they tighten up like a drum head.  Pain, ibuprofen,and epsom salts tonight but for now,  The cake is beautiful!

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