Friday, May 7, 2010

A Little About ICES Convention

As many of you know... ICES Convention is coming up in August and we would love to have you all come.  It's in San Diego this year.. so not too far to drive as well.

There will be more posts coming about convention, but here is one from our ICES Pres... Julie Hill.  I hope this helps you get motivated and excited to sign up right away!

(here's what Julie has to say about ICES Convention)

If you've never been to convention, PLEASE consider attending.  It's such a
great time and the knowledge that you gain from demonstrations and classes
is invaluable.  The shopping is fantastic as well...all of the vendors
introduce new products and everything you could possibly want is at your

Registration: Early registration is now open.  I encourage everyone to
register for demonstrations as soon as possible so that you can get the ones
you want before they fill up.  With that said, the organizers hold a handful
of spots in demos that can be purchased on a first come, first serve basis
when you get to convention.  They also have a "wild card" system where you
purchase a standby ticket for a demo and then if they have room or no-shows
at the demo, you can try and get in. (I went to convention last year without
any tickets and although I spent a lot of time waiting, I attended almost
every demo I wanted using the wild-cards).

Hotel & Travel:  Please check the ICES website for hotel information.  The
recommended hotel is close to all of the activities and the rest of the ICES
members (it's fun to run into Kerry Vincent in the hallway!). You can
reserve rooms that have various occupancy limitations, so if you'd like to
share a room it's cheaper (and it's more fun!).  The nice thing about having
the convention in San Diego is that we can drive or fly.  Although flying is
a very nice option, if you drive you may be able to carpool, take display
cakes (more about that below), and have lots of room to take home goodies
that you purchase.

Display Cakes:  Every year, the convention has a huge display of cakes that
everyone from across the world brings to convention.  If you can, please
consider bringing one!  Because it's so hard to fly with display cakes, Utah
has a very poor showing most years. However, this year I'd like to show
everyone what talented artists we have in Utah!  So, if you're driving or
know someone who is, please think about bringing one (it can be ANYTHING and
most any size that you want).

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