Saturday, January 30, 2010

Local Publications....Local ICES Members!

January seems to be THE month to kickoff wedding season.  It's full of consultations, bridal shows, excited newly engaged couples, and some great local magazine publications.
I am referring to "Latter-Day Bride" and "Utah Bride and Groom".  Two local magazines that focus on LOCAL VENDORS and LOCAL Weddings.  It's fun to see a bunch of great weddings here in our beautiful state.

I've somehow misplaced my copy of "Latter Day Bride", so if any of you had cakes in that magazine, PLEASE send me a copy of your cake.  I'd love to spotlight you.

As for the cake decorators in "Utah Bride and Groom", there were SO MANY of you published in that magazine! It was fun to scan through the pictures and recognize names of businesses associated with our little ICES group.  Congratulations to all of you.
   Here's a list of names I recognized from Utah Bride and Groom.. If you have pictures available for us to show, please send them to me.  If I missed any of you... let me know... I'd love to recognize you on our blog.
      Kelly's Confections, Sugar Kisses Cakes by Design, Midway Country Corner, Cakes de Fleur, Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes,  and last but not least... Carrie from Carrie's Cakes.  Her work was featured all over the magazine.
If you want to get your own copy... they are in every grocery store, craft store and super store around.

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