Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long Time ICES Member... Lonnie Cato

I talked to Lonnie a little bit at the cake show. At first, she didn't want me to post her cake pictures on our blog, but I'm glad she agreed to let me post one! She has incredible technique and skill.  If any of you know her, you know she is such a sweet and talented woman.  I've known her a couple years now, and I truly admire her talent, knowledge, spunk and knowledge with all things "ICES".  She does amazing pulled sugar work that I know I would LOVE to learn how to do someday. Well, you might be wondering why I'm posting an article on a person... instead of the cakes she makes.  For two reasons really....
#1-  I like the idea of spotlighting the decorator behind the cake pictures... I might do a little more of it throughout this blog... and most of all, the #2 reason is that Lonnie has been a huge part of ICES and the cake decorating world for many years and she has decided to retire this year.  When she told me this, I knew I wanted to do a post... just about her :)
Here are a few words Lonnie has to say about her life as a cake decorator.  I found it very fascinating.  I hope that the many of you that have known and worked with Lonnie will share their thoughts and add comments on this blog.  I'd love to hear more great stuff about this cute lady!

So in Lonnie's own words.....  here's what she has to say about her cake decorating life. Thank you Lonnie for sending this to me...and sorry it's taken me a bit to post it :)

"I have finally made a concrete decision.  I will be retiring from cake decorating and probably ICES this year.  I started decorating 41 years ago when I did my own wedding cake because my mother, who was very ill at the time, could not do it.  I had watched her for many years make the wedding cakes for cousins.  I took time out to raise 6 children and then took Wilton Classes.  I have said for a long time that Wilton opened my eyes to the fun and technique of cake decorating and then ICES opened my world.  I have been privileged to belong to ICES for 11 years now....serving almost 5 years as State Rep and 3 years on the Board of Directors.  I certainly encourage everyone to join ICES.  You get a monthly newsletter with lots of information, Days of Sharing in many states (if you choose to attend), and friends that become like family.  I am honored to be among the friends of Linda Shonk (the creator of ChocoPan), Dianne Gruenberg, Laurel Silverberg, Norm Davis and Zane mention a few and to stop being a name dropper.  Their encouragement and mentoring has seen me thru many down times.
I will be selling a number of tools, supplies and many books come February 22 and 23.  I do not have an inventory list at this point.  I'll admit it has been too cold to go out to the Sugar Shack behind my house.
As I look at the many entries to shows and displays, at the Blog and see your pictures; I am assured the cake decorating world continues in very capable hands. Thank you for all your good wishes and friendships."
Lonnie Cato


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