Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chocolate Show Competitor--- Turia Larsen

Well... I guess it's my turn.  My cake this year was titled "Mi Amore".  To be quite honest.. I had no creative inspiration for this cake until I just finally started working on it.  For me.. that's probably the best way I work.  Just get started and inspiration will come.

I was very pleased and humbled to have won a couple awards this year.  Mostly because the same judge that told me she HATED my cake last year gave me a special recognition award as well as awarded me with "best use of chocolate flowers".  This was huge for me! I'm a little competitive in nature.. and the main reason I even entered into the competition was to show the judges that I could make a killer cake. It wasn't anything as extravagant as many of the other entries, but the judges didn't hate it! That's all I cared about!

The words on my cake are made from the edible paper, and they say in Italian, My Love, You are Beautiful, I will always be with you.  My favorite technique I used was doing the "faux" finishing on my cake.  I figured if you can do it on a wall.. you can do it on a cake.  I used a blend of gold glaze, confectioners glaze, luster dusts and a whole bunch of paper towels, and the look turned out pretty cool.

You hear enough from me all the time, but if you want to check out my work, you can see it at or

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