Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chocolate Show Competitor--- Julie Romero

If any of you saw Julie's cake... you know her display table was just as beautiful of her cake.  Her cake, titled, "Tour of Italy" was awarded the "Innovative Artistry Award".  Her use of sugar work, carving, and chocolate flowers were beautiful and well worth the award.

Her sugar jewels were beautiful.  Julie said she has learned how to do these by our very own Loni Cato.  Her chocolate work on and off the cake was so beautiful an mouth watering, that apparently.. guests from the chocolate show ACTUALLY ATE PIECES OF CHOCOLATE OFF HER DISPLAY!!! Can you believe that?  By Saturday, all her chocolate on the table was gone.  I guess the big chains didn't deter people from yummy chocolate!

Julie doesn't have a website at this time, but I want to see more of her work.. so Julie, let me know whenever you want me to post stuff on our blog! I'd love to see your cakes spotlighted more often!

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  1. I can't believe people ate her display! Crazy! Beautiful piece though! So much work!!