Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chocolate Show Competitor--- Julie Hill

Julie is not only our President of the Utah Chapter of ICES, but as you can see from her cakes.. she is a INCREDIBLE cake designer.  Everything I've ever seen of her work is flawless and beyond perfection.  When I grow up and want to be like you Julie :)

We already got the opportunity to see Julie's cake "Venetian Intrigue".. The Grand Prize winner.  These are a few tips Julie said about her cakes:

For "A Ride to Remember",  I made the jewelry molds from buttons and clasps.  For the disco dust on the cutouts, I brushed them with "sugar glue" (tylose and water) and then coated them with the disco dust"

"For the gondola cake, the wine bottle is made from a chocolate mold.
Afterwards, I airbrushed with green shimmer color and then decorated with
edible images and gumpaste. (Tidbit learned from Marina Sousa:  You can
airbrush or paint white chocolate if you "rough up" the surface with a soft
cloth or a paper takes the paint a lot better.)

Julie also put a tutorial on her blog on how she made the rice paper feathers.  You can check out the tutorial and see more of her work at here on her blog, or check out her website at  

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