Sunday, November 22, 2009

Utah Chocolate Show..... And the Winners Are.......

The Chocolate Show was this past weekend and we had a great turnout of many ICES members that entered the Wedding Cake Competition.  I know many of you decided at the very last minute to compete.. and we are so glad you did! The talent was amazing! It was so fun to see everyone as well as their incredible cakes.  In posts to come.. I will be spotlighting each cake in detail, but for now... here are the winners.
(I want to take full advantage of multiple posts, so you are just going to have to be patient to see everyone's cakes.... but you won't be disappointed!)   :)

All the pictures and other awards of cakes coming soon!!!


1st Place ($500 cash reward):     Julie Hill (our very own president!)
        and if I can say.... INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE CAKE!!!  Julie you inspire me!

Also the Winner of the "Classic Cake" Category

2nd Place ($300 cash reward):   Susan Fox

Also the Winner of the "Freestyle Cake" Category

3rd Place ($200 cash reward):   Lori Rees

Also the Winner of the "Chocolate Cake" Category

Way to go ladies.... 

There were several other awards given out that night... here's a quick look at what they were.. but as I said earlier.... I'll do a detailed post on each and everyone of them in future posts :)

Best use of Theme:                   Jennifer Vespa
Innovative Artistry:                   Julie Romero
Best Tasting Cake:                    Julie Hill
Best Chocolate Flowers:           Turia Larsen
Most signifying Italy:                Turia Larsen

  Overall Favorite:                     Julie Hill
  Impeccable Skill:                     Jennifer Vesper
  Exceptional Creativity:            Susan Fox
  Chocolate Bomb Award:        Granite Bakery

(If I missed any.... PLEASE let me know! I don't want to leave anyone out)



  1. Congratulations ladies! I was able to see the cakes this weekend. You all did a great job. I hope to be there next year. Sounds like a fun theme.

  2. Thanks for getting this posted so quickly Turia! It was SO much fun to meet so many of you. Susan...if you are reading this I would love to see your website. You were so sweet for taking time out to chat with me! I was honored to even be recognized amongst such talent.